What is Coconut Oil?


The Story...
The Banabans are an indigenous people from a small Pacific island called Banaba or Ocean Island. In 1900 Banaba was discovered to be made of pure phosphate. This fateful discovery would see the beginning of eighty years of phosphate mining and the virtual destruction of the Banaban's beloved homeland.

In 1945 the people were relocated to Rabi Island over 2,000 miles away in the Fiji Island Group.
The Banabans and their island have now been left forgotten still suffering from one of the world's greatest environment and human rights injustices. The phosphate rich deposits of Banaba are now scattered across the farms of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Why Virgin Coconut Oil?
Nutritional / Medicinal Benefits:

  • Easy digestibility and absorbability

  • Contains Vitamin E

  • Composed mainly of short and medium chain fatty acids which have desirable qualities and functions

  • Does not contain cholesterol

  • Reduced fat accumulation in body

  • Easily oxidized and therefore a preferred energy source

  • Requires no transport system to absorb, digest and metabolize

  • Very low content of Omega 6 fatty acid

  • Helps maintain healthy ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids when consumed as a part of diet

  • Rich content of lauric acid, the source of disease fighting fatty acid derivative monolaurin

Coconut has been used throughout the Pacific and Asia for thousands of years as both a food and a medicine. Only recently has modern medical research confirmed the many health benefits traditionally attributed to this remarkable oil.

Medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil also speed up the body's metabolism) burning more calories and promoting weight loss. The weight-loss effects of coconut oil have been clearly demonstrated by many researchers. These fatty acids do not circulate in the bloodstream like other fats, but are sent directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy, just like carbohydrates.

So the body uses the fat in coconut oil to produce energy, rather than store as body fat.
Virgin Coconut Oil helps increase the 'friendly bacteria' on the skin and will not destroy the natural pH balance which is necessary to promote healthy skin. Hair also benefits from Virgin Coconut Oil which will penetrate deep into the hair shaft to soften the hair while moisturizing the scalp at the same time.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh organically grown Fiji coconuts with the least amount of processing so that the natural vitamin E, antioxidants and fresh coconut "essence" are retained.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not refined, deodorized, or bleached. It has a rich natural coconut taste and aroma. It is free from pesticides, GMOs and hexane. It is cholesterol-free and contains medium-chain good fats with 50% Lauric Acid - a healthy nutrient that supports the metabolism.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Ideal as a high-heat cooking oil up to 177C (350F). A healthy substitute for shortening in baking, a "better-than-butter" replacement on bread and veggies, and a luscious body oil.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is now available as Healthy Cooking Oil, Body Oils, Natural Handmade Soaps, Body Butters, Personal Lubricant and Pet Product Range.

100% raw extra virgin coconut oil; No Trans or hydrogenated fat; no cholesterol or hexane. No refrigeration required. Pure Extra Virgin Oil will solidify below 18 C (65F). Warm to liquefy.


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